Weekend at Diamond's/Branchception Bridget tells Gristle that he's harsh to Chad with out even knowing, and Gristle reminds her that he wants to make today special and that his dad, King Gristle Sr., always says a king gets whatever he wants, just like he did and his dad before him. 00:30. He ends the party, since he needs time to prepare. Branch gives her a hug and states that for real there's a dangerous critter on the loose. The Poppy Horror Picture Show/Dinkles Dinkles Little Star, The Fast and the Friendliest/Much Achoo About Nothing, https://trolls.fandom.com/wiki/Eye%27ll_Be_Watching_You/Sorry_Not_Sorry?oldid=65467, The episode's title is a reference to "I'll Be Watching You", a line from the lyrics in the song ". “Wake It Up” Cover by Sapphire | SONGS THAT STICK" (2:16) "Branch Makes A Masterpiece at the Trolls Hugs & Crafts Party | TROLLS TOYMOTION" (2:21) Gristle then orders Chad to destroy the roses and bring Bridget every daisy in town. The series, while having its own canonical storyline, is not part of the major storyline of … Air date series, and the 8th episode overall. Netflix Jr. Twitter Facebook Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Email. Episode Guide Branch gets trapped in a dream in which everyone worships him. Programme de fidélité. Trolls Hugs & Friends book. Trolls The Beat Goes On! Who are the Bergens? At the office, Poppy lets Guy's head hit the desk so hard it smashes the sunglasses, revealing Satin and Chenille's fake eyes. Previous He finds her being tied down in bed by the Eyestalk he left at the pod earlier, so he knocks the plant's pot over. It turns out to be the rest of the Snack Pack and all of them are annoyed with him for setting up traps in the "don't put your traps here zone". Poppy notices the surviving plant and suggests that they offer it a different opportunity. The Trolls are gearing up their bug rides for the Flyer Riding event led by Queen Poppy. Poppy asks him why he would want to leave, as life can be anything he wants it to be here. He's horrified that the plants have practically suppressed the livelihood of all the trolls, as the tiniest action could be viewed as a hazard. Amy Mai (Weekend At Diamond's)Pavin ChaisuaPortlynn Tagavi (Branchception) This episode confirms the first of only two timeframes for the series (the second being confirmed in, The timeframe would put the episode in a similar time to, The scene where Gristle holds up a boombox is a reference to the film. 00:40. Poppy's rest at her pod is suddenly interrupted by Branch, eager to show her the seeds that would prevent another flying accident. Poppy shows him that one of his traps caught a Growl Beast, placing Branch in further doubt as he disarmed them all. Poppy congratulates Guy. It premiered in March 9, 2018. Chad comes in and tells Gristle that Poppy came here, who reminds Gristle to tell his guards that the Trolls and Bergens being friends is now a thing. Branch creates a safety monitor for the village. Gristle had Chad pick a basket full of roses for her, but she says daisies are her favorite flowers. The Poppy Horror Picture Show/Dinkles Dinkles Little Star, The Fast and the Friendliest/Much Achoo About Nothing, https://trolls.fandom.com/wiki/Weekend_at_Diamond%27s/Branchception?oldid=65481, The sun and moon giving each other a handslap as they switch places is a reference to. Despite being tied up earlier, she later appears to get tied up again for not putting on sunscreen. After an investigation, no charges were filed against the officer because the court said that Brookes had engaged with the trolls against the repeated advice of the Sussex Police. | TROLLS: THE BEAT GOES ON!" One of the trolls was exposed as Lee Rimell, a police officer with the West Midlands Police. She's first seen riding a Flyer Bug, and then bouncing on a Shroom Bounce. The name "Dreamworks Trolls Cupcakes and Rainbows" was filed as a trademark on December 3, 2014 and seems to have been the series working title. The "Awesome"-responding Eyestalk becomes the main prevention of flying accidents as it instead guides the Trolls in their flight paths. Gristle says he did the Trolls' apology thing but he lost Bridget anyway, and begs them to help him fix their relationship. However, at the last second, Branch tries to dissuade the race but to no avail as the Trolls ignore his pleas. Branch goes around and gets rid of the traps, annoyed he has to. Eye'll Be Watching You/Sorry Not Sorry is the second episode of the second season in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Though Poppy is amazed by the plant's capabilities, she's reluctant to allow it in the village, and asks Branch to give her time to make the decision. Westworld Saison 3 – Making Of – Evan Rachel Wood, Jonathan Nolan; 1 décembre 2020 0. He notes that Guy has surrounded himself with good people, which makes him confident in Guy as a business partner. Branch gets annoyed that Poppy and Guy aren't into his act. Cool cartoon about a princess and a unicorn HD. Branch tries to tell them that Poppy isn't dangerous and that she's right about having too much safety. Meanwhile, Branch prepares to head back to Poppy to inform him of his transformation of the village, but he hears Poppy loudly screaming. Taking Place After "Trolls World Tour", When The Holidays Comes Around, All The Trolls From Different Music Come Together To Celebrate Trollsmas. The Eyestalk reacts by spreading more Eyestalks on its own. They begin to sing again and praise him, but this time Branch isn't having any of it. TROLLS (NEW SHORTS) Category: Entertainment. They arrive at Sky's Party Shop, but his schedule is jam-packed, so Guy has to do the presentation on the go. Episode Information Everyone Is Going To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Hugs And Love. As he eats up the attention he turns to Gary, who begins to talk. As he goes to check his book of strange creatures, a banging on his bunker door attracts his attention. Gristle then takes a pair of rollerskates and asks Bridget to "hit the rink". ASK POPPY: Hugs are Dangerous?! As the Snack Pack help Poppy and Branch, they end up giving Guy sunglasses to hide the badly-drawn eyes Satin and Chenille gave him, and putting a scarf around his neck. Who are the Trolls? The towering Bergens were the opposite, being miserable all day. 00:90. | TROLLS: THE BEAT GOES ON!" | TROLLS (NEW SHORTS) 0. Eye'll Be Watching You/Sorry Not Sorry The episode ends with the reveal of the Dream Sucker's next victim, Biggie, who's trapped in a world of Mr. Dinkles'. Knowing that his dad said a few things about a female Bergen forgiving him, he tries some cash which Bridget burns, then a lobster dinner and then a boombox, but Poppy says that Bridget wants an apology; Gristle thinks it's a cake, so they go to Troll Village, where Poppy uses Branch as a fake Bridget and gives Gristle some apology practice, which he fails. It turns out Sky realized that Guy was asleep, and was actually testing Guy. It's up to Poppy to save the Trolls from Smidge's electric charge during Hug Time! The first part of his busy schedule is swimming; Branch talks to Sky while Poppy attempts to make Guy swim. Next It premiered on November 2, 2018. In this case, Branch doesn't want anything bad to happen to Poppy because he cares about her. Branch wakes up and pulls the Dream Sucker off of him. It escapes and Poppy shows up to apologize, as though she doesn't always agree with him she values him. ASK POPPY Hugs are Dangerous! Wake Up! 00:50. — The North Star Project Reports, sponsored by The Middle Ground Journal. Taking Place After "Trolls World Tour", When The Holidays Comes Around, All The Trolls From Different Music Come Together To Celebrate Trollsmas. Bridget says that's a horrible view on life before giving Gristle their mint green jumpsuits that she made herself. Unable to tell if she's still dangerous or safe, the Eyestalks wither from mass confusion, except for a single one who seems to have changed the way its suppose to behave as it replies "Awesome". Confidentialité et cookies : ce site utilise des cookies. 417 Views - 2 years 1 month ago . A "sucker" describes a gullible person, referring to how it uses dreams to trick someone and trap them in a constant dream. In order to shock himself awake, he must do something dramatic; he drops Gary, despite Gary pleading with him. As Branch traverses around the village, he continues to plant Eyestalks near vicinities where danger is most likely. Poppy states the meeting's won't happen until a week. Branch decides to apologize for what has transpired, and Poppy happily hugs him, accepting his apology. Committed in preventing another accident, Branch decides to against Poppy's wishes and plants a single Eyestalk. Poppy states they talked with Branch about his traps problem and had an intervention about it. The idea of his invention becoming a household name excites him, but he becomes worried about failure as Sky only gives Trolls one shot. Trolls (film) Wikia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Branch creeps out the pair with his newest hobby: ventriloquism, including a hand puppet that looks just like himself. Storyboards by Oggy and the cockroaches. The Eyestalks inform him that Poppy is about to be "no longer a danger" to him, showing that they're forcing her to get eaten by a wild plant. Gallery. Trolls: The Dangerous, the Terrifying, and the Commercialized? As the two talk, Poppy states friends are supposed to tell they're friends when their acting crazy and as Branch talks; the group tells him to get them down. While Waiting To Get Home, The Trolls Make The Best Of Their New Island Tropical Paradise Vacation. But When A Mysterious Call Is Constantly Heard Over Trollstopia, Poppy Decides To Follow The Call, Which Leads To The Discovery Of A Grand Legacy The Trolls Are Apart Of. Branch gives her a hug and states that for real there's a dangerous critter on the loose. The dream Snack Pack attempts to trap Branch in a neverending hug, but he realizes he can just fly away and thus does. En continuant à naviguer sur ce site, vous acceptez que nous en utilisions. Directed by King Gristle Jr. gives Bridget a heart-shaped locket with her, Gristle and a pizza. Les Trolls - Double The Hugs Tasse Prix total: 10,99 € Tasse volume: 0,33l Affiche souhaitée est temporairement indisponible I'm interested anyway Economisez 1,10 € sur votre prochain achat avec ce produit grâce à notre programme de fidélité. Aienur. Branchception Gabe Delahaye (Weekend At Diamond's)Grant Jossi (Branchception) Noel BelknapHowie PerrySang Eun Song (Eye'll Be Watching You)Kevin Frank (Sorry Not Sorry) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They were very strong, but turned into stone in sunlight. Weekend at Diamond's/Branchception is the second episode of the fourth season in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! So, Gristle gives the bergen family their table cloth back, apologizes to the Bergen waiter, and gives the old Bergen lady her song back. In the forest lived the happiest, carefree creatures ever: the Trolls, who spent all day hugging, singing and dancing.This ended one day when a Bergen showed up. Sky is annoyed and almost closes the meeting, but Poppy confesses to her scheme. But Some Trolls Are Going Through Some Struggles To Have The Mo... Troll The Halls 36.6K 782 3.1K. Poppy finds that the Eyestalks are too insane to be planted in the village, but notices that Branch appears to be hiding something from her. Poppy and the others congratulate Gristle on the apology, and Gristle says he learned that apologies are used to get what he wants. But They Soon Realize That Every Tribe Has A Different Holiday Tradition. Written by They quickly multiply into hundreds and surround Guy and Biggie. Trolls - Double The Hugs. Branch advises Poppy that Flyer Riding is one of numerous major hazards in his list, but Poppy tries to persuade him that he doesn't need to be so concerned about so much safety, and demonstrates it to Branch by joining the Flyer Riding event herself. However, Poppy's bug collides with DJ Suki's, resulting in Poppy to get dislodged and plummet to the ground. Poppy tells him that he needs him for his ventriloquism in order to act as Guy's voice, which gets him on board. Poppy won’t let anything stand between Hug Time! Eye'll Be Watching You It turns out that he was attacked by a Dream Sucker, and is caught inside a dream that he cannot wake from, unless he shocks himself awake. Branch is tracking a mysterious critter that has entered the area of Troll Village. After upsetting Bridget, King Gristle Jr. asks Poppy to teach him how to apologize. 0 Comment . [G B F Eb Ab Bm Gb Bb C Bbm A E Em Ebm D Dm Cm Abm Db] Chords for You're the Hug for Me | TROLLS: THE BEAT GOES ON! The series premiered on January 19, 2018 on Netflix. Bridget and Gristle, now wearing their mint-green jumpsuits, dance on the roller rink, as Poppy and the others watch. Branch strongly suggests that it'd be used all around the village. (Trolls Camp Critter … | Terms of Use | Privacy PolicyTerms of Use | Privacy Policy | UNBOX IT" (4:23) ""Can't Dance" by Meghan Trainor - Cover by Brianna Leah | Trolls Presents SONGS THAT STICK" (2:52) "Epic Pillow Fight | TROLLS THE BEAT GOES ON!" Bring the party home with DreamWorks TROLLS on Blu-ray and DVD! Guy believes a week is not enough time, but Poppy reminds him that only gets one shot; a rescheduling is impossible. He exits to his bunker and reads his book. 244 Views - 2 years 1 month ago . "ASK POPPY: Hugs are Dangerous?!" Share the best GIFs now >>> Poppy and Branch must help a sleepy Guy Diamond pitch his new invention to Sky Toronto. Poppy tries to tell the moral in all this, but Branch invites her instead to fly with him by offering a bug for her. He created the Olog-hai, which were smarter than earlier breeds of trolls. Meanwhile, Poppy and Branch decide to stop Gristle before their date can get any worse. (3:09) "ASK POPPY: An Unforgettable Thank You" (3:22) "ASK POPPY: Bad Hair Day" (3:09) "SURPRISE Box from DreamWorks Trolls ft. Txunamy! A subtle hint at Poppy and Branch's relationship is when Bridget asked if they were on a date too, leading them both to awkwardly reply with "Uh...". Bridget forgives him and gets ready for their date. Branch dictates his lines to Gristle, who mimics Branch's lines so he can apologize to Bridget. The book I have, Trolls and Their Relatives, was given… An Eyestalk witnesses the entire exchange, and angrily pinpoints Poppy as a threat to their beloved Troll, Branch. A while later, Branch drops down and enters Troll Village, but discovers the whole place is overrun by Eyestalks. Guy spends a week preparing, and goes without sleep in an attempt to make things perfect. … Poppy appears and calls him smart for figuring out what's going on, while Branch is left wondering how The Snack Pack got into his bunker. Official Site. Oscar s Oasis. When Branch drops the seed, it sprouts a plant with one giant eyeball, called an "Eyestalk", an active safety-monitoring plant that detects and prevents the smallest of potential dangers from happening. Episode Information This mimics the glitter farts of a Glitter Troll. Branch Is Amazing TROLLS THE BEAT GOES ON! Gristle laments that Bridget is mad at him. Bridget tells her that she and Gristle have relationship issues, being sick of Gristle acting so thoughtless. Poppy and Branch hold him up. Book Cover Made By @OpefuLee! March 9, 2018 Big Poppy/Neighbor War (2:34) "Birthday Battle | TROLLS: THE BEAT GOES ON!" While most trolls cannot bear exposure to sunlight … Trolls: The Junior Novelization is an adapted novelization on Trolls, written by David Lewman.. Prank Day/Adventures in Dinkle-Sitting November 2, 2018 The Eyestalks express their gratitude to Branch and that they have done his wish of safety, but Branch never wanted them to overdo it and realizes that Poppy was right about the plants. DreamWorks Trolls © 2017 DreamWorks Animation LLC. Story by: Hannah FriedmanSam FriedmanTeleplay by: Matthew Beans (Eye'll Be Watching You)Marissa Berlin (Sorry Not Sorry) Branch tells Poppy that there's a new critter in the village, to which Poppy says that he's always finding more reasons to add village defenses. with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. After a while, Poppy tells Gristle he's getting the hang of this apology thing, and Bridget agrees with Poppy. Soon, The Trolls Discover That Their Tropical Paradise Might Lead Them To Tropical Doom. Poppy and Branch try and wake Guy up, but he refuses to despite a song number. Gristle then not only apologizes to Bridget, but rips his clothes off, asking her to forgive him, Bridget does and asks Gristle to put his clothes back on. Storyboards by Written by ASK POPPY is a mini-series of shorts produced to promote Trolls: The Beat Goes On!. (4:21) "Trolls Dance Craze | TROLLS: THE BEAT GOES ON!" Luckily, Dr. Moonbloom finds that Poppy is still alive after the fall but suffers a minor sprain, and she gets escorted back to her home. Check out our trolls hugs selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Unfortunately, it's the day of the meeting with Sky, and he's so exhausted that when Poppy comes to his pod to meet him he won't wake up. The song the Eyestalk sung was an acapella (which means it has no instrumentation, and entirely uses voice). It immediately responds and restraints all the Trolls' bugs, despite protests from the Trolls. (4:14) "[TROLLS 360° VR] How Many Poppys Can You … Poppy states that she has set up a meeting with Sky Toronto so Guy can sell his idea to him. Source. 00:30. Plot. He breaks open a distant secluded cave containing hundreds of unknown plants where Branch collects several of its seeds. As he disarms the traps, the critter his been tracking launches itself at him and he blacks out. Bridget tries to say something to Gristle, but he continues to apologize by tripping a Bergen waiter, stealing an old lady Bergen's song, and stealing a table cloth from a Bergen family. series, and the 8th episode overall. Later that day, Branch's traps have caught 157 and counting predators, and the entire village is adoring him. Bridget gets mad at Gristle, then Poppy and Branch land on Gristle's arm and Poppy scolds Gristle, telling him that he can't use apologies to get what he wants. Melkor created trolls before the First Age. # TrollsAskPoppy. FAUDA saison 3 – Mode d’emploi par le casting ! Finally after a week worth of no sleep, Guy falls asleep. Troll tales are used to teach lessons to children. (2:35) "[MUSIC VIDEO] My Favorite Guy! Directed by Gallery. They star Queen Poppy trying to resolve the everyday problems of her friends. In the Second and Third Age, trolls were among Sauron's most dangerous warriors. He demands them to let him out of the dream. Sorry Not Sorry As they talk, another predator is caught, followed by a third. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Trolls Hug animated GIFs to your conversations. Party Crashed They begin the presentation, and all goes well with Sky interested, until Poppy accidentally lets off a Farty Party into the face of Guy, which finally wakes him. Many trolls died in the War of Wrath, but some survived and joined the forces of Sauron, the greatest surviving servant of Morgoth. He hears one of his traps go off and goes to see what it caught. (3:42) "HUGE Trolls Toy Haul! [F#m E D C#m A B Bm F# Am G] Chords for "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire - Cover By Ky Baldwin | Trolls presents SONGS THAT STICK with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & … Eye'll Be Watching You/Sorry Not Sorry is the second episode of the second season in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Air date Branch tries to reason with her, but Poppy becomes disappointed by his actions and demands him to leave her pod. with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. Branch asks her if she would eat a drum for him and she asks him if he's crazy, thus proving it is not a dream.