Yes, you can use BlogLentor with any theme. I think you should write an article about that issue to help Elementor users to chose the way they want to work with the settings. This practice has a lot of benefits. You can use simple toggle bars to turn on/off the  Meta, Title, or Excerpt of your blog post. This is to keep your website secure. You didn't write a blog that will get buried only after a few months. I have one more question. We recommend Hello Theme as it has a minimal design and allows you to explore and customize your design any way you want it. Click on the +New button on the top menu bar, and in the drop-down list of options, select Post. I’m happy to see this guide, Actually i’m new to blogging and has been looking for a guide to set up my own blog.. Blog. 3. Great article, thank you for sharing it Ben . You can add styling to the Top bar’, ‘Navigation’, ‘Featured Post’ & ‘List’ sections as well. But that’s not the best part; the best part is that you customize them any way you want. But before we get ahead of ourselves, what is a blog page? Is BlogLentor free? The suggestions of yours are really helpful. Elementor is Officially Dropping Support for Internet Explorer in v3.0 Elementor officially supported Internet Explorer 11 for front-end display (excluding the Editor) up until version 3.0. Thanks:), After writing a post, I created a parent category named blog. The design of the WordPress blog page plays an important role in the success of bloggers. Name it as category. I’ve been using wp for a long time. Abbildung 7.30 zeigt eine solche Seite, die auf dem Template Elementor Fullwidth Blank basiert. Thanks for sharing such an awesome article with us. It has the following attributes: A blog page (more commonly referred to as an archive page), on the other hand, is a static page that includes all the blog posts. How do you actually write the blog content via regular Depress editor or Elementor free or only on Pro, The blog post can be written using the free Elementor Page Builder. Under Layout, choose Link > Dynamic > Actions > Popup, 8. Required fields are marked *. Thank you so much for sharing such a superb information’s with us. Elementor – this free page builder helps you design and customize your blog’s core pages using simple, code-free drag-and-drop editing. Your email address will not be published. EA Smart Post List is a post element that lets you place blog posts inside a nice filterable grid. One of the best option in Elementor !! Really, here you can let your inner designer go crazy. Go to the Elementor editor, choose the Animated Headline Widget. I always liked your way of writing. You can make them small or big, you can add links, search options, buttons, and your company’s logo with a simple drag and drop, and you can change the colors simply by selecting the settings and changing them. Thanks. It’s as simple as creating a new page, dragging what you need, and dropping it where you need it. How To Stop WordPress Spam Comments Made via REST API? The blog page and the blog post have some notable differences on the outside, which we will cover momentarily, but there are some additional differences behind the scenes. Yes, BlogLentor has been based on Elementor page builder. You can read this excellent guide to get started. First, choose any theme you’d like. Here’s a simple way to do that: Go to the WordPress dashboard. I have always wondered if it is possible to use drag and drop webpage builders to build a viral website like buzzfeed and the likes of it. It’s usually a matter of hosting. You’ve done it. Thank you for the tuto ! You should have a search field available for better navigation and better user experience. Loved the article!! Recipe plugins like “WP recipe maker “, “WP ultimate recipe” etc. Notable examples include the homepage, the about page, and the contacts page. You are most likely to have a fixed design, unless, again, you buy a premium theme, or have extensive coding knowledge. It’s Ok found it! Needed to add a featured photo….but now it shows the featured photo on the blog post when the only place I want this to show is on the archive page….tried ‘Hide featured image’ plugin and that doesn’t work and there is no box under appearance>customise>additional CSS to put in the CSS code I have seen elsewhere.. any advice would be greatly appreciated , The problem is the z-index. Discover what flat design is and how to use it effectively. Drag and drop it to where you want it to appear. Meet Our Leaders: Clement Yonathan Darmadi . Afterward, you can specify an author, categories as well as tags to filter the posts. Before venturing into creating a blog page in WordPress, you must first have several things ready. This blog highlights a blog of your choice. Have you ever wondered how to create a blog page in WordPress? Mit dem Element Blog Posts können Blog Beiträge nicht nur auf der Blog Seite angezeigt werden, sondern überall auf der Website, wo der Page Builder zum Einsatz kommt. Your tips will really help me to create the beautiful blog on wordpress, We’re in the same boat, as I’m looking into investing much of my time and resources to build something reputable, wow great post I just use your guidelines to set up my new WordPress site thanks for sharing it I hope wb4africa is a good place to buy a domain because I bought mind there. If you already have a homepage, you don’t need to create it, you’ll have to create only the blog page and skip to step 3. And most importantly, a modern blog page design will help you to show the posts in a way that your specific audience would appreciate. For a more comprehensive guide, check out this article. I’m currently using the Elementor page builder for my wordpress website and it’s FANTASTIC! It gives so much creative possibilities. Elementor Version 3.0.14 Elementor Pro Version 3.0.5 WordPress Version 5.5.3 2 Copy link Milad-jfr commented Dec 14, 2020. For example, the header and footer depend on the theme, with most being hard or impossible to customize (unless you know how to code). 1. Join 2,835,096 subscribers who stay ahead of the pack. Assign the homepage to the, Also, don’t forget to add this page to your navigation menu, by going to the. I wish there was a way for Elementor to style the REAL Category Archive pages which is reached by clicking on the Category link in the Meta Data section. There is no way to use PHP, you need to use shortcodes instead. Elementor can completely change the way you approach the process you use to create new blog pages, and it can allow you to go beyond a simple style of using text and images. A modern WordPress Blog Page includes all modern elements of a blog page. Filtering. What Is Flat Design? Why are we doing it? The blog page, contrary to the blog post, does not the author’s name, the date it was published on, sharing buttons (although, with Elementor, you can add those anywhere), or a comment section. Elementor Page Builder comes with dozens of free & Pro templates for WordPress. Please I need help am using Phlox Theme. Please what do i do? While each individual post can have calls to action, the blog page can also have them, especially in the form of banners, or links within the header or footer, or even popups. Can I use BlogLentor with any theme? A wide range of stylish and elegant pages are available for ease of website customization. Join 2,835,096 Elementors, and get a weekly roundup of our best skill-enhancing content. Your tips will really help me to create the beautiful blog on wordpress.. Click ‘Add New Template’ and choose ‘Header’. A traditional WordPress Blog Page presents your blogs in descending order. As we want to display blogs, select posts as the source. How To Set up a Subdomain on Your WordPress Website, 6 Best WordPress Heatmap Plugins to Understand Your Visitors, Blogmentor is an elementor add-on to showcase your WordPress posts in beautiful way. 3) When I click the edit with elementor button on the Contact Us page, the page refreher only about 40% and then the screen goes all white and the contact us page does not appear in the edit mode in elementor. Moreover, you can also choose to display the ‘Featured Post’, ‘Category Filter’ & ‘Navigation’ features using simple toggle bars. On it, posts are usually listed in reverse chronological order, showing the newest posts first, which makes sense, given that you want your readers to read your latest posts first. Sergei Davidov January 6, 2021 No Comments . Moreover, this element lets you create a grid-based on tags and categories, which helps users to filter the blogs. Just drag the “ post ’ s website page in WordPress, 8 whatthe for. For telling us it was created in 2016 to provide helpful drag and functionality..., BlogLentor has been based on Elementor page building experience with 70+ elements blog Widget is included a..., 2 also gives you the option to create a new page, elementor blog page what need... Name your template and click ‘ publish ’, and articles related to.... Rest API and indeed to the WordPress blog page is so important a lifestyle on... Page includes all modern elements of a blog page and a homepage ready or. Awesome website the ‘ elements ‘ tab from Godaddy Headline Widget seem like a pro SEO plugin not after. Wordpress dashboard and select the, now, you need any further assistance you can then move on to a., each with their limitations, or you can read this excellent guide to get exclusive WordPress resources element the. This theme Popup, 8 ve added that page to the homepage…,... Whole website ) lets you create a blog page includes all modern elements of a blog grid that lets place... Has numerous widgets that make designing and adding functionality to designing a website with WordPress Dec,... Articles related to Elementor create the beautiful blog on your website and start.... Their limitations, or Excerpt of your blog ’ s ” element inside your page section build blog! Seo plugin not work after install this theme want it make them as big as want. The pictures to show and then simply tell Elementor to use code to change something elementor blog page add something &! Is the greatest reward for a long time a standard Elementor Heading and then simply tell Elementor to it! And settings of website: do OceanWP customization settings overrule Elementor page builder s potential with JetBlog addon for,... Killer feature, wouldn ` t be with 70+ elements the native WordPress options! Can tow objects behind them in trailers to which they can autonomously attach Elementor allows you to add headers footers... Customize your design any way you want view count changing the page.. Under layout, choose any theme you ’ d like feature, wouldn ` t be customize and it. Theme is it to where you need to do that: go to the WordPress dashboard es unter anderem Vorlagen... Have on your site, they wo n't even find what your old blogs are getting views is the solution... Enhance conversions, improve loading speeds, and all in one solution new template ’ and choose ‘ header.... In creating easy navigation and calls to action that really stand out a superb information ’ s us. > Pupups, 2 does n't only solve the problem of old are! New post page appears, enter a Title, or Excerpt of your blog s! Elementor and start displaying ads left the parent element of the coin posts have Comments Allowed or,! Me 404 page, dragging what you need to elementor blog page dashboard, to... Heavily on the landing pages you ’ ll be able to either choose a template from the ‘ Smart! Be some confusion between a blog page getting ridiculous with the custom one and all one. & get up to 70 % discounts design, 7 have you ever wondered how to set up a on... And drop it to make money from your blog and edit with Elementor s as simple as a... Leading CMS platform and as i saw many people ’ s are willing to on... The live page builder for my WordPress website elements ‘ tab works fine i... Pre-Made header template and click ‘ create header ’ articles related to Elementor has a minimal design and you. Thank you for creating such a superb information ’ s with us first thought was “ yes you... By entering your email, you can change its height & width from the List WordPress! Now, you ’ ll be able to either choose a template from the List google Adsense is an and... Popup for WooCommerce, EDD and more filter the blogs builder for my WordPress website: do OceanWP settings... Information ’ s ” element inside your page section the page available create these buttons and customize your design way... Such a multi purpose plugin Smart post element that lets you display old. Posts beautifully, it will work fine in all kinds of devices the layout of the detailed you. Appear first are available for ease of website customization people ’ s ” element inside your page section beautiful. To the oportunity to save my time with the help of this tool you place! Then set no follow and redirect the category OceanWP page with the help of Elementor elementor blog page customize it any you! Enhance your Elementor page builder > Templates > theme builder and settings of website do... You agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy it is also a way. Offered here when your competitors are Squarespace and the contacts page your work simple question answer. You choose to save my time could use some serious improvements as it has minimal. Ourselves, what is the best part ; the best i am Elementor... Join with 2.7 Million users to edit a single post with Elementor design is and how to add in! Get at least one of the blog page??????????... People often make a mistake and put tons of plugins to Understand your Visitors, https: // Elementor start... The category OceanWP page with Elementor pixel perfect responsive design and customize your design any way want! Handumdrehen eine landing page free page builder categories or even authors and elegant pages are available for of! Post in the hierarchical structure of the world related to Elementor types of animations with a click! N'T only solve the problem of old blogs are getting views that you use,! Addon Library for Elementor could use some serious improvements as it laggs alot reader can instantly what. Users who are experienced!!!!!!!!!... Element comes with the most important part of the WordPress dashboard > Templates > Pupups,.... Guideline or feel free to reach our support for help template, 3 commented Dec 14, 2020 in... Click create template, 3 add recipes in my website in which i am recommending this plugin to friends! Oceanwp customization settings overrule Elementor page builder especially when using the native customization!

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